WAVE with Dawn Gee on 05/21/2022 featuring Attorney John Schmidt, Mary-Claire Schmidt, comedian Alex Reymundo, and lead singer Mark Maxwell with Louisville Crashers discuss the Cystic Fibrosis fundraiser in Mt Washington, Bullitt County, Kentucky hosted

DAWN GEE: That's what I'm thinking. Be the change you want to see.· We can -- we can make a difference, and tonight there is an opportunity for you to do that. My friends and family here. I love them so and I'm so glad they're here. You know what, John? We're just going to put you on the payroll.

JOHN SCHMIDT: Oh, well, that's -- I'll take it.

DAWN GEE: We're seeing John Schmidt here again, but he's been working very, very hard. Let's Cure Cystic Fibrosis. He is inviting you. Mary Claire Schmidt is here.


DAWN GEE: You weren't able to come last time.


DAWN GEE: It's so good to see you.

MARY CLAIR SCHMIDT: I'm excited to be here now. Thank you so much.

DAWN GEE: Yes, we are so glad. Now, you were doing something for school. Are you a senior?

MARY CLAIR SCHMIDT: I'm a junior at Assumption.

DAWN GEE:· Junior at Ass --

MARY CLAIR SCHMIDT: I love Assumption so much.

DAWN GEE: That is so nice.


DAWN GEE: It's good to be at school and you love your school.· Are you ready, though, for the summer, to take a little school break?



MARY CLAIR SCHMIDT: I don't know if it's necessarily going to be a break, but I've got lots of things planned out, and I'm really excited to -- to do them all.

DAWN GEE: And you have cystic fibrosis.

MARY CLAIR SCHMIDT: I do. I was diagnosed when I was about two, and been on different medications ever since, different treatments, and around amazing doctors that I think really make it -- the support system really, really makes it a great experience.

DAWN GEE: It's amazing --


DAWN GEE: -- because I'm looking at Mary Claire, and -- I know you can say, Dad, and Alex, and Mark, I'll get to you crazy guys in a minute. Just looking at her, I can remember 50 years ago --


DAWN GEE: -- when you heard the words, "Cystic fibrosis," boy, it was a whole --


DAWN GEE: -- it was a whole different thing.

JOHN SCHMIDT: It was. It was. When -- when I was born, the life expectancy was about three. And when I was 18, it was 18. And when Mary Claire was born, it was 36. But now with the therapeutics that are out there, her life expectancy is around 60, and we hope to cure it within 20 years. So we want to have a party and a good time tonight, and raise some money --


JOHN SCHMIDT: -- and see if we can't --

MARY CLAIR SCHMIDT: What better way to get it rolling, with a party?


MARY CLAIR SCHMIDT: Isn't that fun?

DAWN GEE: I think so.

JOHN SCHMIDT: We got some great people.

DAWN GEE: So the party guys who are --

ALEX RAYMUNDO: That explains you and I --

DAWN GEE: Yeah, that -- (Inaudible) That's where these guys come in.· And if you've not ever been with them, I can tell you, it is a party. I don't care what's going on.· They're part of my family and I love them.· Alex Raymundo who is a -- a nationally, world renowned comedian. I did not know.· I'm not -- I've not seen this talent.


DAWN GEE: Sin -- singer?

ALEX RAYMUNDO: I'm going to sing tonight with The Crashers --

MARK MAXWELL: I wouldn't actually say, "singer."


MARK MAXWELL: He's going to sing a song tonight.

DAWN GEE: Okay. So Mark Maxwell, who is the lead singer for The Crashers. And it's so funny. When they were all coming in, and we were moving chairs and doing everything, I could hear somebody singing. And I said, "Oh my God, somebody has a great voice." And then it dawned on me.

MARK MAXWELL: It wasn't Alex.

DAWN GEE: Mark -- Mark occurred! (Inaudible) It was not Alex.

ALEX RAYMUNDO: I'll do the jokes.

MARK MAXWELL: I'm sorry. (Inaudible) So easy.

DAWN GEE: Alex, I know that comedy and being in front of people is what you do.· That's what you've always done. Mark, that's what you do, is getting -- I mean, when -- I'm telling you, when he sings and he's on the stage, we'll be back just watching, he comes off the stage and the next thing you know he's standing in the middle of the table. And as a mom, I want to go over and say, "Get down."

MARK MAXWELL: So does my mom!

DAWN GEE: Right?

MARK MAXWELL: Just so you know.

DAWN GEE: You and your mom. And I -- I mean -- but you want to be part of the crowd.


DAWN GEE: You want to be in there and doing it. Why -- why did you-all decide to jump in and join this?

MARK MAXWELL: Well, first, you know, okay. This is -- it had started -- John's been around -- we've known him, he's been a fan of the band, he's come and ha -- hung out with us. Great guy. Then Alex and I have done a lot of bad things together.

DAWN GEE: And we won't go there.

MARK MAXWELL: No, really good things together. Right? But I -- you know --

ALEX RAYMUNDO: We've instigated fun.

MARK MAXWELL: -- I don't know. This happened. John said, "Hey, man. What do you think about this?" He called us last year, we said, "Yeah, you know, we're in." Alex jumped in the -- we're all in the boat. Right?

DAWN GEE: Right.


DAWN GEE: And we're all paddling, which is what we need to be doing when you have something that affects us all. It -- it could affect us all.

MARK MAXWELL: I -- I think it's all about raising awareness, right?

DAWN GEE: Absolutely.

ALEX RAYMUNDO: Raising awareness towards the cause. And what better way to raise it than get a couple people that, when we go somewhere, people show up? So people --

MARK MAXWELL: Yeah, we have a good audience. And to be able to share that with any cause whatsoever --

DAWN GEE: Uh-huh.

MARK MAXWELL: -- you know, it's gigantic. And again, we're all friends here, right?


DAWN GEE: Well --

MARK MAXWELL: Like, this is where it's ended up.

ALEX RAYMUNDO: That's for sure.

DAWN GEE: -- and I have to say for both Alex and Mark, I know them very, very well. Have known them forever. But you lend your talents, and your time, and your heart to so many things. So I know people say thank you, but thank you.


DAWN GEE: I know people say thank you.

ALEX RAYMUNDO: You said something in the green room when you were talking to the zoo guy and he -- he was talking about the city, and you said, "Well, when you embrace the city, the city will embrace you back."

DAWN GEE: Always.

JOHN SCHMIDT: Yeah, absolutely.

DAWN GEE: Yeah, and folks turn up in the thousands.

MARK MAXWELL: Yeah, well --

ALEX RAYMUNDO: Whatever the occupancy load, it's going to be more with The Crashers there.

DAWN GEE: Yeah, it's true.

ALEX RAYMUNDO: It's like the audience is Latino. There's more people than you would think.

MARK MAXWELL: I don't know if I'll always agree with that, but -- but we've been very blessed.

DAWN GEE: You -- yeah, because people love you.

MARK MAXWELL: And -- and, you know, here the thing. Play the songs that people like, guess what? They'll show up. Right?

DAWN GEE: Well, they'll show up for you-all.

MARK MAXWELL: Be a part of it. Get them to sing along with you. Get them to be a part of the act.

DAWN GEE: Okay. So, but what's going to happen when Alex sings?

MARK MAXWELL: They're all -- well, we put him towards the end of the show --

DAWN GEE: (Inaudible) We want to hear him singing!

ALEX RAYMUNDO: It's the potty break. It's the potty break.

MARK MAXWELL: It's the get a drink break.

ALEX RAYMUNDO: Yeah, it is.

DAWN GEE: Well, we've been saying, "What is he singing?" But they won't tell us. So okay, John, where should we show up? And what kind of difference do you want to make? It's my understanding this is the first time there's been a concert of this kind in this venue.

JOHN SCHMIDT: Right. So this is the Mount Washington WesBanco Amphitheater. And the city of Mount Washington was kind enough to donate that to us. And so it's the first large concert that they've had. It's the first time The Crashers have played Mount Washington.

MARK MAXWELL: That's true.

JOHN SCHMIDT: And -- and so we're really excited about this. We're hoping this is an annual event.


JOHN SCHMIDT: And we're looking to raise some money to give to CF so that we can help find a cure and treat families that are less fortunate and can't afford the care.

DAWN GEE: Absolutely.

JOHN SCHMIDT: And, you know, we're -- we're blessed.

MARY CLAIR SCHMIDT: We have been -- personally, like, I know that we have been so lucky. But I know that there's so many people out there that are -- it's -- it's really something to wrestle with. And they -- the goal is to provide care for them. And yet everyone with cystic fibrosis, it's a -- it's their own personal battle, but we like to, you know, kind of be with them on the sidelines and support each other.


DAWN GEE: So Mary Claire --


DAWN GEE: -- can I ask you, when you think of -- you know, you look at your dad and all that he wants to do --


DAWN GEE: -- and you think of your family and your friends, and how they support you. What's -- what's that mean to you? What does your heart say?

MARY CLAIR SCHMIDT: It means -- it means so much. I have an amazing support group. And I always have. And I don't think, necessarily I've always recognized it, but especially, you know, in the past couple years that's come to light in a very obvious way. And, you know, this wasn't my idea, but I -- I love it, but it was his idea.· And that just kind of exemplifies exactly how much love is -- is surrounding this group. And I just want to -- I just want everyone to know that and -- aw. And everyone to share that.

DAWN GEE: Well, your daddy and I know you --

ALEX RAYMUNDO: I'm going to hold Mark.


MARK MAXWELL: Yeah, hold on -- just --

DAWN GEE: I mean --

MARK MAXWELL: That's how I felt, Mary Claire. Thank you.

DAWN GEE: You may not have gotten to see it last time, but your daddy was trying to put in words who you are and what you meant. And he -- he almost didn't get it out. I understand because I'm a mama, and I see your girl and I'm so proud.


DAWN GEE: And just so grateful to see her stand strong. When you --

JOHN SCHMIDT: She's a strong woman.

DAWN GEE: -- when you look at her, what -- what do you think?· And when you think of other parents that have C -- that have cystic fibrosis, have CF, what do you want them to know?

JOHN SCHMIDT: There's hope. So the best advice I got when we found out -- we didn't know until she was 2-and-a-half or so. So I was in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and a guy on my team said, "Hey, when you get this call to find out, do you want me to be with you?" And -- his name's Dave Bebout. Great guy. And I said, "Yeah." Dave shared me his story. And his child died at 9. And his child, when they said, "Take your child home. Doesn't have long to live." And -- and David prayed with the child every day and -- and really poured himself into the child. Child lived to be 9, the longest living child with that -- that issue ever. And Dave gave me the greatest advice, he said, "Do you have hopes and dreams your daughter?" And I said, "Yeah." And -- and he said, "Do not let the disease define your child."


JOHN SCHMIDT: Right? She is not Mary Claire, a person with cystic fibrosis. She's Mary Claire. And cystic fibrosis is something that we deal with -- like I have to wear glasses or people get braces, people wear contacts.· Whatever it is, it's something that we deal with. So every day we were doing vests and the treatments with the nebulizers and-

MARY CLAIR SCHMIDT:· There's so many -- that's one thing, there's so many different things that have been available because of research that has been made. And there's so many steps that are -- are still to be taken with the -- with the proceeds from events like this, but not only this, but so many different efforts across the -- the nation and, you know, the world. So - - but I'm really grateful for all the research that has been done and all the steps that I personally have made in my health in 17 years. But the -- like, I'm not the only example. There's so many people who have been so blessed to be recipients of -- of that gift. So...

DAWN GEE: Well, you're at our house and your daddy talked about you when you --

MARK MAXWELL: Uh-huh. Yes. Indeed.


DAWN GEE: When you were here last time. And we are just all so proud of you. To Alex and to Mark, you know I love you and I appreciate how you make this community better. So first, we want you to be there. We're going to put up a QR code real quick and you can just scan that right there. That's for the ticket.

MARK MAXWELL: And bring a lawn -- a lawn chair.

ALEX RAYMUNDO: Bring a lawn chair.

MARK MAXWELL: Bring a lawn chair!

ALEX RAYMUNDO: Carpool. They said carpool.

DAWN GEE: Carpool, bring a lawn chair --

ALEX RAYMUNDO: Channel your inner Latino and carpool.

DAWN GEE: May 20th, that's tonight.

MARK MAXWELL: It is tonight.

DAWN GEE: And so just make sure you're there. It's going to be at WesBanco Amphitheater, 176 Parkview Avenue. It's in Mount Washington.

JOHN SCHMIDT: Starts at 8:00.

DAWN GEE: Starts at 8:00. Hey, if --

MARY CLAIR SCHMIDT: Beautiful weather, guys.

DAWN GEE: -- beautiful weather.


DAWN GEE: We did that for you. We did that --


JOHN SCHMIDT: Aw, thank you. We --

ALEX RAYMUNDO: We appreciate it.

JOHN SCHMIDT: -- we appreciate that.

DAWN GEE: This QR code is different. If you can't come, do this QR code and give. What can you
25 give? $5, $50, $500? What can you give? That's up to you. If you can't give any money, we understand. Give a prayer, please. But this is the QR code that will make a difference for cystic fibrosis. Mary Claire, you are just something to just watch and be proud of.

MARY CLAIR SCHMIDT: Thank you so much.

DAWN GEE: You see The Crashers there. If you've never seen them, you want to see them. They're the best band ever.

MARY CLAIR SCHMIDT: They're so much fun.

ALEX RAYMUNDO: They are the best.

MARY CLAIR SCHMIDT: They're great.

DAWN GEE: They are so much fun.

ALEX RAYMUNDO: They're the best band.

MARK MAXWELL: I wouldn't go there, but I --

DAWN GEE: Well, they're telling me that I got to wrap up. And Alex Raymundo, thank you for joining. Your talent -- I want to go just to see what he's going to say.


DAWN GEE: But guys, they won't tell us. So again, that is tonight. Thank you.

JOHN SCHMIDT: Thank you, Dawn.

DAWN GEE: As a daddy, you certainly are an example. And as a good man, too.

JOHN SCHMIDT: Thank you, Dawn.

DAWN GEE: Thank you so much.

MARK MAXWELL: Thanks, Dawn.

ALEX RAYMUNDO: Thank you Dawn. I love you.

DAWN GEE: All right. I love you guys and I'll see you later. You-all know that we are not done. When we come back, Louisville Metro Animal Services with us because it is Furry Friday. Stay with us and we're going to introduce you to sweet babies that need a home.

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