Do I have options if my parenting time has been restricted or removed in Kentucky?

What do you do if your parenting time has been removed or restricted? After all, you feel desperate, isolated or lonely, like a part of you has been taken, you worry about your child(ren), and you feel powerless. What can you do?

First of all, the good news is that there are usually options if your rights have not been terminated. You should apply the energy from your worry and doubt into solving the problem.

You might lack employment which means you lack the ability to provide basic necessities for your child(ren). The good news is that the economy is growing and companies cannot find enough skilled workers. Here's an article on the subject entitled Survey surprise: Most Kentucky companies face a talent shortage. The article states that "Companies expecting growth include 86 percent of manufacturers, 70 percent of health care businesses and 80 percent of professional, scientific and technical services companies. But 84 percent of them said they are having trouble filling jobs." Many companies are starting people off at wages in excess of $15 / hour but will increase your wage quickly if you are dependable, hard working, and honest. Contact your local Chamber of Commerce for a list of companies hiring in your area. Jefferson County Kentucky Chamber of Commerce or Bullitt County Kentucky Chamber of Commerce or Hardin County Kentucky Chamber of Commerce.

Your might be an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Beating addiction is tough, maybe the toughest challenge the Courts face in these situations. In general, Courts in Central Kentucky will not send a child into a home where illegal drug use happens and marijuana is an illegal drug. If you "pop hot" on a drug test, then the Courts want to see the numbers come down over time. I cannot tell you what a judge will or won't do, but I can tell you that you will generally get more time with fewer restrictions as your numbers improve. Don't take too long, however, because the damage the separation does to the child(ren) is an important factor Courts consider and no one wants to inflict more harm on the child(ren). There are many great programs including The Brook and my friends at Family Dynamics or Reach Program.

Your might get so angry that you take it out on those you love. I like the book Good 'N' Angry: How to Handle Your Anger Positively by Les Carter. Of course, the Courts can order classes like Batterers Intervention Program (BIP) and you can find a list of providers HERE. The program consists of 28 consecutive weeks with each session lasting approximately 90 minutes.

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