Families in Transition (FIT) Bullitt County, Hardin County, Jefferson County Frequently Asked Questions and Schedule for 2022


The Court requires that each adult and school aged child to complete an education course. You can call the following people:

  1. Louisville: Pre-register with Darlene Bibb at 595-3618 or email darlenebibb@kycourts.net to schedule your attendance within 30 days of the filing/service date of your divorce petition.
  2. Bullitt County: Pre-register with Cindy Feathers @ (502) 727-7407. Send a Cashier’s Check OR a Money Order made out to: CINDY FEATHERS, P. O. Box 404, Mt. Washington, KY 40047.
  3. Hardin County: Pre-register via email by submitting your name, date of the class they wish to attend, address, email, cell phone number and attorney name via email to hardincountypec@gmail.com or the PEC instructor may be reached via cell @ (270) 317-9450

You are well advised to complete the course as soon as possible and provide the certificate of completion to your attorney's office so they can tender it to the Court. We know the providers say they will file the certificate of completion with the Court and sometimes they do but people get busy and things happen so we prefer not to take a chance, because your case will generally not be finalized without it. 


Can I attend the class if my divorce or legal separation is in another county?

Yes, anyone from any county ordered to attend FIT or PEC classes may attend.

Do you require pre-registration?

Yes, pre-registration is required.

Can both spouses attend the same class?

No, spouses must attend different classes. Parents cannot attend the same class as your spouse. One parent will attend same time as children (parent and child class) and the other parent will attend a different date alone (parent only class).

Children of what age(s) must attend?

Kids aged 5 (if in Kindergarten) -17 must attend one of the Parent and Child Classes.

Will the children be in the same room as the parents?

No, the children will be in a separate room.

What's the cost of the FIT or PEC class?

$65.00 NON-REFUNDABLE FEE. NO program fee to be paid for children, children are FREE.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Cash, Money Order, or Cashiers Check.

Is the class one night, two nights, etc?

The class is one night.

When should I arrive?

Please arrive at 15 minutes early to sign in. No need to arrive earlier.

May I bring food and drink to the class?

Water fountain is provided. You may bring drink (with lid) for you / your children to have in class. Feed children before coming. NO extra snacks for children please. Suckers provided for children. Only bring children age appropriate for program.

Will the class be held if Bullitt County schools are closed / cancelled due to weather?

FIT classes will also be cancelled UNLESS you are told otherwise. THEY WILL NOTIFY YOU IF CLASS WILL BE HELD.

What should I do if I show up and no one is there?

If facilitator(s) are delayed at the office due to a program emergency PLEASE wait patiently and DO NOT leave the facility they will arrive shortly. If class is cancelled, the coordinator WILL contact each participant. DO NOT LEAVE the facility UNLESS you are called while at the facility and told class is cancelled.

What happens if class is cancelled?

If class is cancelled you will be rescheduled for an upcoming class at no extra charge / class fee.

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