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John Schmidt July 23, 2019

According to the Pew Research Center, 88% of Americans marry for love, but what happens when that love fades? Going through a divorce can drain you emotionally, mentally, and financially. Each partner has different ideas and needs, and communication is probably not where it once was. If you are a man, you may have different connotations about divorce than a woman. So today I want to give you some advice and some things to think about as a man who is about to go through or is already going through a divorce.

Tips For Divorce

Being a Shepherdsville area divorce lawyer, I have a lot of tips for men going through a divorce in Kentucky. Not only have I represented those going through a divorce, but I’ve been there myself. Because of that, I compiled this list to help you as you are going through, or about to go through, a divorce. 

Get Your Affairs in Order

This is my most practical tip: you need to get your affairs in order. Take an inventory of your house. Make sure you are aware and have copies of all financial paperwork. And of course, retain an attorney. This is the very necessary and technical side of divorce, but it is probably the most important to know. 

While you are getting all the paperwork you need, make sure you don’t try to hide anything, especially concerning finances. Be open and honest with your attorney and lay everything out on the table from the beginning. 

Strive for an Uncontested Divorce

This is probably common sense for most, but it is worth being repeated. Try to keep the divorce as amicable as possible. It’s cheaper, shorter, and less stressful than a divorce that is contested or dragged out. Know what you want from the beginning and strive to get that and nothing more. Don’t be vengeful because all it will do is cost you in the long run. 

If your soon-to-be ex-spouse is making an uncontested divorce impossible, be sure you have an attorney you can trust so that you can openly discuss your options. No matter the circumstances surrounding your divorce, it should be as quick and efficient as possible. Have an attorney who makes that possible.  

Consider Waiting to Move Out

It’s very natural to want to move out of a home where you may not feel welcomed, or where there is awkwardness or tension. It doesn’t mean it is the right decision though. As backward as it sounds, if you are in an acrimonious situation, it may be best to stay put. This is definitely geared towards those of you with children. 

Moving out allows your spouse to determine the custody and visitation until something is hammered out in court. If you think they won’t be fair then don’t move out. 

Put Your Kids First

If you have kids, keep them at the forefront. In this day and age, most courts in Kentucky lean towards joint custody. As long as both parents are capable and willing, there is no reason for a child to rarely see one of their parents. More than likely, as a father you will not have to fight as hard for custody as some people like to make it sound. 

One thing to keep in mind is that you are becoming a single parent. If your spouse took the majority of the child-rearing responsibilities, that will no longer be the case. Be sure to keep a calendar with all of your child(ren)’s activities and appointments. Not only is this the responsible thing to do as a parent, but it can also help you in court if need be. 

Address the Ending of Your Relationship

Now, I am aware you might be rolling your eyes at this, but it can be a very important part of the divorce process. Even if your relationship is now over, it was once a big part of your life. Men often don’t have the tools to properly express their emotions, so take the time to work through it. 

Consider talking to friends, going to see a therapist, or going to a marriage counselor. You can see marriage counselors solo to help you to deal with your divorce. They are not just there to work with couples to save marriages. You need to be able to work through whatever emotions you have so that you can come out of your divorce feeling more content with the situation and your life. 

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