Solidify your family’s future with the help of a Louisville wills lawyer

Planning your estate is never a simple process, and there are many considerations you must take into account when drafting your will. The Louisville wills lawyers at the Law Offices of John Schmidt & Associates PLLC help you draft thorough wills that allow your loved ones to avoid the probate process after your death. We also assist our clients with probate, helping you establish the validity of the will and aiding in the distribution of assets. We are patient and sensitive to your needs because we understand that preparing for the future or dealing with a loss is never easy.

Wills have numerous benefits for you and your family

To avoid a great deal of hassle for your family after you pass away, you can choose to compose a will. A will grants you benefits such as:

  • The ability to choose your own estate administrator

  • The ability to determine who inherits your money or possessions

  • Avoidance of intestate succession and the probate process

  • Secure futures for your spouse, children, and grandchildren

A Louisville lawyer works with you to draft a thorough will that meets all of your family’s needs.

Louisville wills attorneys make the probate and will creation processes simple for you

It’s never too soon to start thinking about the welfare of your family after your passing. Our attorneys help you draft wills that provide your family with results such as:

  • Reduced stress. The grief after the death of a loved one is difficult enough to overcome. We remove the stress that would exist without a will.

  • Concrete inheritance plans. We work with you to create thorough wills that ensure your loved ones don’t have to argue over their inheritance.

  • Efficiency in probate. We work efficiently through the probate process to settle your loved one’s estate and give you and your family the time to grieve your loss.

As your neighbors here in Kentucky, we want to help you secure your loved ones’ futures and create safeguards against their unnecessary anxiety.