Shepherdsville KY Lawyer - Attorney John Schmidt | I am nervous about my 341 hearing. What should I expect?
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I am nervous about my 341 hearing. What should I expect?

Shepherdsville KY Lawyer, Louisville KY Attorney, Bullitt County Lawyer
Jan 08 2018

I am nervous about my 341 hearing. What should I expect?

Take heart because it is almost certain that you will survive the experience. I hedge only because I do not want to jinx the next client. In the Western Disctrict of Kentucky, you will come to the Gene Snyder U.S. Courthouse at 601 West Broadway, Louisville, KY 40202, (502) 582-6436. Enter the building at the entrance at the corner of 6th Street and Broadway. You will need a photo ID to get through security which is fine because you should have your driver’s license and Social Security card with you. Once through security, you will take the 6th St. Elevators to the Courtroom #3, 5th Floor. The 341 hearing room is around the corner to your right located directly behind the elevators on which you rode.

Now that you are in the 341 hearing room, I encourage my clients to sit as close to the front as possible so they see and hear others go through the process. Clients sit opposite the Trustee and the attorney sits to the right of the Trustee and to the left of the client(s). Representatives of creditors sit in the chairs opposite the attorney on the 6th Street wall. Representatives of creditors do not show up for every hearing. When they do show up, they generally want to know that you have fully insured and / or plan to sign the reaffirmation agreement on the asset(s) in which their client has an interest. It is all very civil.

The Trustee begins the process by going on the record, verifying your identity, placing you under oath and then asking a series of questions. At the Law Offices of John Schmidt & Associates PLLC, we review the questions with our clients and walk through the process with them before the hearing so they feel as comfortable as possible. Our experience is your peace of mind. Put our experience  to work for you today.

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