I filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy but recently lost my job. What do I do?

Contact the attorney who filed your Chapter 13 bankruptcy for you if you lose your job or your circumstances change for the worse. It is possible to get relief on a temporary basis if you think your situation is temporary and it may be possible to amend the plan if your situation is not temporary. I cannot over stress the importance of contacting your attorney who filed your Chapter 13 bankruptcy for you in a timely manner. If you wait, then the Trustee may file a show cause motion.

Finding a Good Lawyer

One good way to find a lawyer is to check out their online recommendations, ask friends, acquaintances, or other lawyers and attorneys for referrals and then interview the candidates. Of course, Law Offices of John Schmidt & Associates is available for legal advice on child support today. Call us now!

If you are in Kentucky, then I’d recommend that you call my office at 502-587-1950 or 502-509-1490 to schedule a consultation to discuss your options.

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