Divorce Considerations Fathers and Daughters

As I sat with a client who was the wife and mother, we discussed some familiar concerns; namely, the divorce hit their daughter hard because the daughter's relationship with her father had changed and not for the better. The daughter was making bad choices in boys and getting her heart broken on a regular basis. In other words, she was looking for love in all the wrong places.

Man Up!

I'm a father of a daughter, a busy divorce attorney, and a man who has not only been divorced twice but a man who has actively sought to shed the hurt, scars, and baggage that inevitably comes with dating and the dissolution of marriage. However, there is one mistake I have not made and I pray I never make; namely, I've seen friends, clients, church members, and acquaintances choose someone or something other than their children as their 1st priority.


This is my most practical tip: engage with your kids without electronics playing board games, practicing their favorite sport, riding bikes, etc. I find that my kids will do their chores and generally behave well if I spend time throwing a football, helping them with homework, listening to their speech for Kentucky Youth Assembly, etc. This is especially true of fathers and daughters.  

Set the Standard

Fathers set the standard for the men their daughters seek. Fathers who choose to focus on their jobs, their new girlfriend, their buddies, or their favority hobby to the exclusion of their children cause significant issues in the children. Daughters will seek the love on a male to fill the void left by the inattentive father, and we all know what's on the mind of most young males. Your daughter deserves better. She deserves and needs for you to teach her the difference between a good man and a guy. There are plenty of guys out there, but good men are hard to find.  

The Situation

As I said at the beginning of this writing, my client was concerned about the father's relationship with their daughter. The father was not exercising his parenting time and was not engaged with their daughter when he did exercise the parenting time. The father had issues with substance abuse which is common. Substance abuse is not the only time this happens. Sometimes, the parent feels such intense emotions toward the other parent that they do not want to see the other parent and so they do not pick up the child(ren). Your love for your child(ren) must be greater than your feelings toward the other parent. 

Other Considerations

In addition to these tips, there are a number of other legal, emotional, and financial preparations you should take as a father entering into the divorce process. For more information, explore more divorce considerations for men.

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