DUI/DWI Defense

You have the right to unbiased legal aid when charged with DUI

When you are charged with driving under the influence (DUI), you are understandably anxious about your future. However, you can get relief from your anxiety with assistance from the DUI attorneys at the Law Offices of John Schmidt & Associates PLLC. As Kentucky natives ourselves, we take pride in providing Kentucky citizens with fair representation and reliable support throughout their legal difficulties.

DUI charges arise from a variety of driving behaviors

States across the nation are cracking down on DUI offenses. Courts still go easier on first-time offenders, but multiple offenders can face significant fines, license revocations and jail time. Without a Shepherdsville criminal defense lawyer, the punishments you receive could ruin your life.

Police officers generally search for these types of driver behavior when determining whether a person is driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs:

  • Running red lights
  • Weaving back and forth through lanes
  • Hesitating at green lights
  • Driving at very slow or uneven speeds
  • Crossing the center line in the highway

When a police officer pulls you over, he or she may ask that you perform a field sobriety or Breathalyzer® test. Failure to do so may result in higher fines and harsher penalties if you’re convicted. But it also makes it much more difficult for the prosecution to secure that conviction without the evidence of the test. At the Law Offices of John Schmidt & Associates, our attorneys work with you regardless of whether you performed the field tests. We focus on creating effective defensive strategies for your individual case.

Our Shepherdsville DUI lawyers protect your right to fair representation

Just because you have DUI charges against you does not mean that your future is already determined. Our experienced lawyers work closely with you to keep you at ease in this difficult time and fight for results such as:

  • Smaller penalties. We minimize the consequences you face from your DUI charge.
  • Misdemeanor charges. If you are a first-time offender, we work to have your DUI offense labeled as a misdemeanor, which carries less negative consequences.

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