Can I Move My Child Out Of the County?

My boyfriend or girlfriend lives in another county. I want to move to the other county so we can live together. Can I take my child (ren) with me?

Whether you can take your child(ren) out of county depends.

If there’s no other living parent or person with custodial rights, then you can move so long as no court order prevents the move.

Otherwise, you’d do well to get the court’s permission before you take any other steps towards moving.

If you move without court approval, then don’t be surprised if the court changes the parenting time arrangement.

Finding a Good Lawyer

One good way to find a lawyer is to check out their online recommendations, ask friends, acquaintances, or other lawyers and attorneys for referrals and then interview the candidates. Of course, Law Offices of John Schmidt & Associates is available for legal advice on child support today. Call us now!

If you are in Kentucky, then I’d recommend that you call my office at 502-587-1950 or 502-509-1490 to schedule a consultation to discuss your options.

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